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    Fox News is so incredily diverse. Look at all the color: eggshell, mayo, flour, starch, bleach, cauliflower

    EXCUSE U: how dare u forget baking soda

    u also forgot whipped cream… how could u be so rude..

    …like they literally don’t even have a brunette

    lmao what you mean Nic? We both know about half of those women are bleach blonde. 


  3. The drag queens are the faces of a limited series of concert tees. Starting Sept. 29, Alaska, Courtney Act, and Willam Belli will appear on a line of ‘80s-inspired concert T-shirts for American Apparel. 

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    I CANT FUCKING COPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. So Tired


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    ladies and gentlemen, the american education system

    My school apparently ran out of toilet paper a few weeks ago and my Spanish teacher was telling the girls to keep a roll in their purses and the guys to keep a roll in our backpacks. North American Education system.

    this is basically any public school in the world tbh

    bet the football teams have new equiptment though

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  8. just got a snapchat

    add me or something @rettloe obviously


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    Tattoo Blog


  10. Just posting this again to upset yall, cause I’m that much of a bitch



    Let it out, I’m ready to fight. 

    Your fave Fav moment was Frankie fucking shit u-p



  11. Anonymous said: I think the issue here actually is why did you reblog something with the URL "shootallwhitepeople"?



    Because I think white people deserve to be treated equallyimage



  12. The fact that the Frankie haters are the ones making him famous.

    Thanks for making him the most talked about Big Brother contestant ever though :* The Frankie Show has been so good this year.


  13. the-mom-squad:

    People defending Frankie’s “tranny” comment about Brit and being like “this is all just white girls making a big deal”
    …………….why does it matter who is fighting the comment??? It was a shitty thing to say and you don’t know the peoples family history. Perhaps their sibling or friend is a trans* person?
    You don’t have to be a certain type of person to recognize a shitty thing that was said.

    Hi, I’m a “tranny”. It actually wasn’t offensive at all, and it is a bunch of cis white people (who more thank likely know fuck all about the trans* community) making it 800 times more than it was (which was a comment on the amount of makeup Britney wears).



  15. Friendly reminder that Frankie can be a feminist and hit a woman.

    Feminism = Equality. If you’d hit a guy for something (like cody, and caleb have threatened to do to Frankie, but y’all don’t sound too pressed), you’d hit a girl for it too. That’s what feminism means guys, so please have several seats.

    P.S. I don’t condone violence period, not the point.

    Edit: How I feel about the comments being made, just don’t care to fight with the vicious ignorant people, so I’ll let Ariana.