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    Me and the Bae <3 

    We broke up. :’(


  2. Me and the Bae <3 


  3. white bitchs tryin to highlight.


  4. More Unpopular Opinion Time

    Courtney Acts runway was horrible without the wings on. The bustier part was cut horribly, the nipples on it looked gross, and those weird claw feather things coming out of the top were hideous.

    She had on granny hair, and the most unflattering (poorly applied) eye makeup I have ever seen her in. 

    Also, for the trillionth time, she would look better with padding.

    She did great in the challenge, and deserved to win, but I won’t let her horrible runways go unmentioned. 

    (She looks flawless in the gif with the wings expanding though)


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  6. In reference to the “shemail” and “shemale” thing for drag race

    • Was the shemale challenge transphobic as all hell? Yes. There was so much wrong with that challenge, and anyone that doesn’t notice/care is low key transphobic, or not sensitive enough to notice.
    • Was the “you’ve got shemail” thing transphobic? Maybe? As a transgender person, I honestly think that that was a clever play on words. It’s still using the same offensive word, but it’s doing it in a way that isn’t harmful. I do not disagree or agree with removing it from the show, I am 100% indifferent towards it.
    • P.S. Carmen Carrera has every right to stand up for trans right. It doesn’t matter who gave you your platform, it matters what you do with that platform, and she is doing great things for the community.

  7. Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Episode 9 - Thoughts/Rants


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    *stops mid song to tape ratchet hoes fighting*


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    First I’d like to start with I love the show, it’s intoxicating –glamour, drama, and comedy all in the one place, everything I’ve ever desired from a tv series. I’d like to ask, when does comedy go too far, for instance whilst watching your show I realised that many white gay male contestants…

    I wouldn’t say you are wrong, but you are not completely right. Accents, for one have nothing to do with race, and everything to do with where you grew up, and your social status. i.e. accent - a distinctive mode of pronunciation of a language, esp. one associated with a particular nation, locality, or social class. While it is true that they are speaking in an accent that is common among black women, it is not true of all black women. In fact, it is more accurate to describe the accent as “urban female lower class city”. I think generalizing it as “black girl accent” is racist. In the end, it is female impersonation, and they are taking on the persona of women.


  10. Servin Yall some #gwenstefani paint. #makeup #trans #nodoubt #trans #gay #lips #drag


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  13. the-angel-fell-for-the-hunter asked: hi..i just saw your post chat with finding-ashley.. im really sorry you had to read any of that and when I clicked on your blog and i saw you were transgender, i felt even worse. i tend to assume people dont think that but it was so gross and eye opening to read that. I thought you were pretty straight forward.. you didnt say white people have sweet perfect lives, you just kinda mentioned white straight cis people kinda have a better starting point. good for you for trying to educate kindly x

    Thanks, I was hoping itd be possible to educate her, however it quickly became apparent she was too far gone for anything i could do.


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    Too hot - Vine By: Chelsi Colwell

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    i know the lgbt community gets alot of hate from homophobic retards, but honestly i feel like being hated just for being a straight white girl is alot more threatening than being hated if i was a lesbian

    literally pick up a book and educate yourself. The…

    but the fuck out of the lgbqia community, with your “look at me, my problems are worse” bullshit. There are thousands of places you can find solace for the hardships that white women face in their daily lives (and there are a shit ton), how the fuck ever, the lgbtqia community is not one of them. This is the one place we get a voice (and no I do not mean tumblr, I mean in the community), and this is the ONE FUCKING PLACE where cis straight white people get no room to voice their opinions.

    you know, its funny how youre coming after me with things i never even said or things im not even trying to do. im not looking for solitude or trying to compete for “who has it worse” with anyone, especially not the LGBT community. this post was following a different post i had made. which after this one another one was made. i understand that the only place you may feel like you have a voice is the LGBT community. but seriously, you want us to give you respect and whatnot but yet you attack us for just being white.. sorry, but i cant change my skin color. and its awfully funny how the majority of the LGBT community are cis AND WHITE.

    before you go putting words into my mouth about what you think i said. why dont you actually look at the whole situation.

    you want us to respect you, but that isnt going to happen if you keep treating us like we dont matter just because 40% of the population doesnt agree with you.

    "you want us to respect you, but that isnt going to happen if you keep treating us like we dont matter just because 40% of the population doesnt agree with you" We don’t want, or need you pitying us. Go read about the stonewall riots. You aren’t doing us a favor by trying to discuss your problems on OUR platforms. 

    ALSO, Hi. I’m white. Actually I am such a pale ass bitch, I can’t even “kind of” tan. NO ONE is attacking you for “being white”. The thing is, being white comes with a privilege you seem to not understand, as does being cis. Cis white people are literally the most privileged people in the world.

    When people start killing people for being cis THEN you can try to liken the “hate” that you feel for being cis to the struggle of being trans. When white people are systematically murdered, and made into slaves FOR BEING WHITE THEN you may speak about how hard it is to be a white person. 

    Stop trying to make it seem like living the life of a white cis person is something to pity, because it isn’t. We all have problems, no matter our skin color, but you need to accept the fact that you will never struggle like a minority. You will never have issues gaining employment, making friends, or walking down the street and being able to feel like you won’t be beaten and killed, just for being what you were born as. 

    i.e. Shut the fuck up about how hard it is to be white and cis, because you literally have been given the “best” you could have gotten. 

    OH. so by the fact that im white and cis you automatically think i have it easier. alright. glad to know you know my life automatically by 2 facts. and for the record, why don’t you do yourself a favor and look at the cis tag because literally every fucking post in there is bashing someone just because they are straight and white and identify as the gender in which they are born, they are even attacking other gays, lesbians and bi’s just because they are cis and white, so you want to continue telling me how nobody wants to kill people for being cis and white, because literally every fucking post is “kill cis epople” “kill straight cis people” “no wait kill cis WHITE PEOPLE” “actually how about straight cis WHITE PEOPLE too” and how they want a mass genocide just because someone is white. and actually, i will have problems finding employment, and i do have trouble making friends, and i actually do have a fear that i will be beaten and killed just for walking down the street just because i have lgbt friends and everyone knows that. i get treated like absolute trash just because my friends are lgbt and im not. so yes, i have every right to voice my opinion about it. 

    but instead of using your voice to create more hate towards straight people, why not use it to actually make a good difference in the world and cause big changes that are good and positive. 

    LGBT people have all the same right straight people do. except marriage in a lot of places. but honestly, marriage doesn’t even matter. i support same sex marriage. but honestly, being with that person is whats important. sexual preference doesn’t matter. its not important. If you need support, then you obviously aren’t passionate enough about it. If it was THAT important to you, support isn’t needed. you could get things done on their own.

    If you’re LBGT and people hate you, whatever. That happens all the time and people aren’t actually going to do anything. But being straight and being hated because you’re straight is so much worse. Because they all bandwagon onto it and view you as some horrible person just because you don’t agree with them, or that you say something they don’t like.

    "If you’re LBGT and people hate you, whatever. That happens all the time and people aren’t actually going to do anything."

    I literally refuse to continue this conversation. I was hoping that if I spoke to you rationally maybe you could gain some sort of insight into what it means to be privileged, and when and where your voice is needed. You are too ignorant, closed minded to be able to get anything actually across. Hopefully you learn to see the world around you for what it actually is one day.

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